We love living in Northumberland and the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. We want guests to enjoy that same beauty. We are keen, however, to minimise our own, and the Old Hayloft’s impact on the environment. The property is insulated well beyond current building regulation requitements, and has been decorated throughout with eco-friendly paints and oils (Earthborn, Biofa and Osmo) . Away from mains sewage and reliant on a septic tank, we only use eco-friendly products for cleaning and laundry, and provide the same for the use of our guests. We recycle as much as possible. Whilst we have installed solar water heating to provide some of our hot water, and use electricity supplied from Good Energy (who provide electricity from 100% renewable sources) we have also installed appliances that minimise energy use (induction hobs, thermaform bath, A rated appliances).
We ask that visitors help us to minimise the property’s impact on the environment by: